Revitalize and Protect Your Surfaces

We do polyaspartic flaking systems, stain concrete, and resurface exposed aggregate concrete. We will grind concrete to the correct profile by taking off any existing coatings for our product. We will base coat it in polyaspartic and topcoat it in the same product.

What Makes Our services different

We customize our flake to fit the customers needs. We can do boarders, emblems, and more for a customer. We offer many more color combinations and give a full consultation for a truly professional experience.

Innovative and Durable Flooring with Extended Warranty

Our product is slip resistant, no VOCs, mold/mildew free, sound dampening, 25% cooler than temperature outside and extremely durable. Comes with 20-year residential warranty. 10-year commercial warranty.

Base Coat Services

Industries we serve





Durable and Stylish Concrete Coatings

Our high-quality polyaspartic floors provide an unmatched level of protection against heavy traffic, spills, and harsh weather conditions, while adding a stylish touch to any space. Our flake systems are a popular option for those seeking a decorative finish, perfect for garages, workshops, and commercial spaces. Looking to revamp your pool deck or pool floor? Our waterproof and chemical-resistant polyaspartic coatings will not only improve safety, but also give your pool area a fresh and modern look. Choose our concrete coatings for a cost-effective and long-lasting solution that will enhance the functionality and appearance of your space for years to come.


We offer convenient financing options with competitive rates to make your concrete coating project more affordable. Contact us to learn more about our flexible payment plans and start your project with peace of mind. Check out your financing with no harm to your credit with a soft pull.